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Back to School with JHP

When I was growing up, picture day was hit or miss. You did all you could to make sure you had on the best shirt and a nice haircut. But when those pictures came back, it told the real story. You had to sneeze right before the click. Your friends were making you laugh behind the camera man, and you honestly just couldn’t be bothered with turning your head in all those uncomfortable positions. Most of all, your parents weren’t too happy they spent money on embarrassing photos.  

This year at JHP, I want to make sure you pay for pictures you AND your child will enjoy. From now until September 30th, your star pupil can have a 20 minute session outside, with three digital photos, and one 8x10 print for $99. 

Give your child the opportunity to really shine and show their fun personality with a personal session just for them. 

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